EUROPE – Must See

Southern Europe

Our personal favorite, is characterized by hot and dry summers, with plenty of Mediterranean coast surroundings. This European region is known for the most incredible ancient archeological wonders and multi-cultural cities. Last but not least, the group of countries in this region is (not) arguably where the finest and most delicious cuisine could be found. Countries in this region include Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, among others.

Central Europe

Compromises Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Lienchtenstein, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland. This European región is one of the most beautifuls and richest in history, open to tourism all year long, great to visit during Winter time if you are looking for snow. In addition, most of the centuries-old castles are located in Central Europe. Countries in this region include Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Netherlands, among others.

Northern Europe

From cruising through fjords in Norway, to the most amazing Christmas Markets, and the northern lights, Norther Europe is as magical as its sounds. This region, also known as Scandinavia, consists in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. If you are looking for natural landscapes, volcanoes and outdoor experiences (also combined with amazing gastronomy in the capital cities), Northern Europe is where you want to plan your next vacation. Countries in this region include Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, among others.